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Pirate Treasures -March Break at Casa Loma

by Lou Seiler
Dunday, March 09, 2008

The search for treasure is on at Casa Loma! Follow the lead of Pirate guides on a treasure hunt through the castle. Its a golden opportunity youll not want to miss.

Plus, you can catch gems of swashbuckling showmanship. Prepare to be astounded as The Pirate Baron reveals the mysteries of the high seas in an amazing and amusing magic performance in the Library.

Catch feats of daring and danger as the fearless Long John Strong juggles everything from cutlasses to cannonballs in a dazzling display of dexterity in the Conservatory.

Sneak into the Pirates Cove for a peak at the good old Jolly Roger and her crew. And it is all set in a real castle complete with gargoyles, secret passages, twisting towers and a mysterious underground tunnel.

It's arrgh-uably your best bet for March Break. See attached Program for more details. Call 416-923-1171 or go to