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Worlds First Virtual St. Patricks Day Parade

March 13, 2008
Sometimes it seems that the whole world wants to be Irish and on Saint Patricks Day it can be. If you cant make it to Ireland in person for the celebration, why not visit Ireland virtually and take part in one of the worlds biggest parties online!
Tourism Ireland will host the worlds first virtual St Patricks Day parade on Sunday 16 March, in the internet-based, virtual world of Second Life. The virtual parade will include 20 Irish and Celtic themed floats and will be the highlight of a three-day Discover Ireland Festival in Second Life, sponsored by Tourism Ireland.

Second Life
is one of the largest virtual worlds in existence, with over 12 million registered users, 3 million of whom are considered regular users. These residents can explore, socialise, and participate in activities and services using Second Lifes currency, the Linden Dollar. Dublin in Second Life is a well-established destination frequently making the Top Ten list of the most popular places to visit there.
As well as the first virtual St Patricks Day parade, Tourism Ireland will organise a range of events and activities during the St Patricks festivities in Second Lifes replica city of Dublin. Events will include a live broadcast of the largest ever contemporary Irish music expo Snakes and Ladders from the World Financial Center in New York; a treasure hunt which will involve visitors exploring Dublin to find clues that will enable them to collect points and win prizes (clues are located on; as well as live bands and DJs.
The virtual cruise ship the SS Galaxy will visit Dublin during the festivities and will host an onboard digital exhibition of Irish artists work. Guided helicopter and bus tours of Dublin in Second Life will take place throughout the weekend, giving visitors historical information on the many famous Dublin landmarks that are recreated in Second Life.
Mark Henry, Tourism Irelands Central Marketing Director, said: We are very excited about the worlds first virtual St Patricks Day parade its an innovative and interesting way to present the island of Ireland as an attractive holiday destination to a new audience. Once they have experienced the simulated Ireland, we hope these potential visitors will come and see the real thing.
Anyone can join in the St Patricks Festivities by getting a free Second Life account through or at the virtual Dublin website:
For more information on travel in the Island of Ireland visit
The Programme of St Patricks Festivities in Second Life includes:
[note: all times are GMT]
Saturday March 15
17:00 Grand Opening
17:01 Treasure Hunt begins and will run for the next three days with instruction and clues at 30 locations
17:15 Saturday Swing
- Irish/Celtic rock by live DJ (2 hours)
20:00 Carraig
- Irish/Celtic rock by live DJ (2 hours)
23:00 Highland Marching Band parade and concert
- fully kitted marching band with kilt and pipes (2 hours)
Sunday March 16
15:00 Sunday Riot
- Irish/Celtic rock by live DJ (2 hours)
15:00 Bus and Helicopter Tours of Dublin start (4 hours)
17:15 Celtic Muse
- Irish/Celtic sports music by live DJ (2 hours)
19:00 St Patricks Day Parade
- 20 Irish and Celtic themed floats (2 hours)
21:00 Sunday Slam
- Irish/Celtic rock by live DJ (2 hours)
21:00 Live Music Showcase
- Keltish live music band (1 hour)
23:00 Snakes & Ladders: New Irish Music Festival live simulcast from New York
- the largest expo of new Irish music in the world, ever! (2 hours)
- Featuring: Green Time Ensemble, Somadrome, Amoebadoid, Deep Burial, General Practise, Toirse, Richard G Evans, Educution, Daniel Figgis
01:30 Carraigh
- Irish/Celtic rock by live DJ (1 hours)
Monday March 17
16:30 Snakes & Ladders: New Irish Music Festival live simulcast from New York
- Featuring: Brian OHuiginn, Roger Doyle, Daniel Figgis
19:30 Live Ireland traditional Irish music festival live simulcast from the real world Dublin to virtual Dublin (3 hours)
20:00 Fibber Magees Grand Opening live music simulcast from the real world Fibber Magees to virtual Dublin featuring the band World of Good (2 hours)
22:00 Carraig at New Fibber Magees
- Irish/Celtic rock by live DJ (2 hours)

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